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Ernst Günter Noske

Master - Automotive Electrics, Electronics and Mechanics (Masters college - Hildesheim)

Ernst Guenter Noske works as freelancer for qaps consulting GmbH. As a General Representative he steers and leads the activities in South East Asia (ASEAN). His responsibilities include networking and project acquisition.

He is a specialist in the automotive service industry. Influential and innovative with focus on service engineering along the entire automotive product and service life cycles. Along with that comes expertise in interface management to manufacturing, quality assurance, suppliers and service providers.

Customer are always a prime focus. Ernst Guenter Noskes hands-on shop floor and customer care experience is a solid foundation when identifying user needs and applying "Value Proposition Design Thinking" for best customer experiences.
He has expertise in New Product Initiation and Product Development Processes with an ability to integrate digitalisation. The importance of data availability and analytics to create digital service solutions that generate recurring revenue is well understood and applied.
With 45 years work - and 30 years international experience in various countries and management positions, leading intercultural teams, coaching and relationship building comes natural to him.

Ernst Günter Noske speaks fluent business German and English.

Core competences

    •  Intercultural management experience through many years of managerial activity in various locations worldwide
    • Business development - cross regional, organisational and related operating systems.
    • Financial targets, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), target settings
    • Client relations, User experience, UX design
    • Technology research and advancement, Systems Integration, Functional Safety
    • New Product Initiation (NPI), Product development (state-of-the-art), Life cycle management
    • Quality and Warranty (Problem solving, Product liability, Continuous improvement)
    • Project management