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Andrew Powell

Andrew Powell works as a freelancer for qaps consulting GmbH.

He studied mechanical engineering at Bradford Technical College in the UK.
He has almost 10 years leadership experience as a Country President Director in ASEAN, representing the Robert Bosch GmbH business interests. Including governance, corporate planning, dealing with third parties and positions on supervisory and administration boards.
He was also responsible for the importation, distribution and after sales service operations of the major and diverse business units.
As well as realising local manufacturing and industries for future growth potentials.
He has many years experience of leading and guiding intercultural teams , developing leaders and successfully driving distribution growth strategies. Throughout his over 45 year career he has held numerous sales and sales management roles in several European and Asian countries.
As well as having global responsibility for a leading automotive service organisation , engaging with and supporting passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers and repairers worldwide.

Core  competencies

    • Advisory
        ◦ Business development, Governance
        ◦ Corporate planning , representation & vision setting
        ◦ Organisational  structure
        ◦ Compliance
    • Corporate social responsibility
        ◦ Advocacy / Government  relations
        ◦ Brand management
    • Mentoring
        ◦ Management , high potentials , newcomers
    • Coaching
        ◦ People/ teams/ sales
        ◦ Assessment & progression
    • Projects
        ◦ Interim Management,
        ◦ Acquisition planning

Andrew Powell is fluent in English and German.